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How to Produce Accessible Non-Profit Events That Are Enjoyable for All Attendees

The focus of this type of event is different from many other events produced by nonprofit organizations. It’s all about appreciation – giving donors a special experience to thank them for their support. A unique guest experience often includes visiting a new venue or a location that’s not accessible to the public. In this case, our client’s supporters were given the opportunity to visit Skylight Financial Group’s Rooftop Penthouse in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood.

Just as we’re always on the lookout for new talent and entertainment options to enhance a variety of guest experiences, we’re also on the hunt for interesting, unique spaces to share with our clients; venues that will make guests feel special.

For the Donor Appreciation event, we were mindful that supporters of the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC) would include guests who are themselves Deaf or hard of hearing. We wanted interactive entertainment that didn’t require sound to enjoy. Attendees interacted with a mirror photo booth through visual prompts, while enjoying drinks and presentations by CHSC staff. The program was translated in American Sign-Language (ASL) and delivered to electronic devices via open captioning.

One of our most cherished pieces of guest feedback came from this event… “I was able to enjoy the entertainment because it was visually stimulating!”


Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center


Skylight Rooftop Penthouse


November 8, 2018


Courtesy of Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center

About the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center

Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC) is the nation’s oldest hearing and speech center and Northeast Ohio’s only nonprofit organization dedicated solely to serving those with special communication needs. Founded in 1921 by Helen Newell Garfield, daughter-in-law of President James Garfield, who lost her hearing as a young woman, CHSC started with the simple mission of providing lip-reading classes for adults who are deaf or hard of hearing. CHSC now consistently serves thousands of children and adults each year through the following programs and services: Hearing, Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Speech-Language and Learning. The Center also oversees the management of the Early Intervention Program.

Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center also has a 70+ year affiliation with Case Western Reserve University’s Department of Psychological Sciences.

PES has been supporting the CHSC since 2016, managing an increasing variety of events for the group.

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