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Gail Palmer

Chief Event Organizer (CEO)

Meet Gail

She started Palmer Event Solutions because she wanted to build a team of event professionals focused on helping the non-profit community. With more than 20 years of personal experience, she’s honed processes to plan events smarter and faster – and that means less stress!

She’s done it all: designing, planning, implementing, and ‘fixing’ events for non-profit, corporate, and private clients from New York to Alaska. (Yes, Alaska! She worked for the state’s largest event planning company.) She’s worked in hotel and hospitality management, travel and tour management, destination planning, and even has a background in theater design (stage, lighting, sound, and set).

Her technical theater expertise and broad background in design, planning, and management make her a perfect fit for the event industry, an industry that requires someone to be both wildly creative and hyper-focused on details. Possessing a keen sense for improving the planning process, she produces events that are more successful, creative, and impactful.

Gail loves to explore, and the million-dollar ideas come easily to her, but she knows the final results must work in the real world, where budgets and the laws of gravity come into play. You might say she’s equally left and right brained, the best of both worlds.

As a Certified Special Events Professional and Past President of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) Cleveland Chapter, Gail’s the real deal. In fact, she’s one of only a few in Ohio to hold their CSEP certification and the only one locally who specializes in non-profit event development.

What Clients Love About Her
  • She brings out the big paper and colored markers during brainstorming sessions.
  • Her approachable and transparent style makes her easy to work with.
  • She’s super connected to resources. Her nickname “Pocket Gail” came from a client who said, “having Gail on speed dial is like having an extensive list of resources all in your pocket.”
Fun Facts
  • Gail has visited all 50 states – and more than a few countries.
  • While living in Anchorage, Alaska she helped plan the 50th Anniversary of Statehood.
  • She’s an ace pinochle player, who is now learning to play poker like a pro!

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