Katie Coach

Director of Event Curation

Meet Katie

She takes the big ideas and sorts through the details, presenting clients with a precise, coherent plan. That wild vision we discussed? She makes it come to life and helps clients make the right decisions on everything from the venue to the centerpieces.

Katie Coach is a self-described romantic when it comes to events and client care. Her love affair with hospitality began when she was served her first tongue sandwich (seriously!) and extra-hot coffee at Oakwood Country Club as a teenager. Leaving Cleveland for a bit, she shined as the director of catering and events at a prominent country club in Austin, TX. Lucky for us, she returned to The Land, where she’s managed events from both the catering and the venue perspective.

Katie brings experience and a keen sense of what works to Palmer Event Solutions. From staffing to marketing, from big picture to small detail, Katie believes the key to success starts with listening. She’s passionate about hearing expectations and feedback, understanding the client’s vision, and taking the time to truly reflect on the guest experience.

As an active member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) Cleveland Chapter, Katie serves on the Programs and Education Committee and is a proud member of the Board of Directors. She plans events for ILEA members each month that incorporate the core values and tenets of the event planning industry. We’re not kidding when we say she’s a planning junkie!

What Clients Love About Her
  • She connects, genuinely and authentically.
  • She’s super creative.
  • Her love of food and all things food. She’s a foodie.
Fun Facts
  • A greeting card aficionado, Katie peruses the handmade card sections of local spots to select just the right one to send to someone who could use a snail-mail smile.
  • She’s the oldest of four siblings, so she knows how to take charge in the midst of chaos.
  • Speaking of chaos, she’s also the mom of a young son and two pups!

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