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Your event Vision and Goals may be changing.

Our Mission is the same.

We're dedicated to finding solutions that align with your vision and goals – even when they are rapidly changing.

How are we pivoting to meet the changing needs of nonprofit organizations? We are staying true to our core values and mission – Helping Good People Plan Great Events.

We're STILL driven to learn + improve...

and we're learning at a faster pace than ever before.

We STILL love collaborating...

with all our vendor partners to create new solutions. Also, we’re shifting our agendas and methods of sharing information and embracing virtual collaboration.

We're STILL happy to be helpful...

by creating virtual meeting spaces and making connections to solutions just as seamless as before.

STILL obsessed with ALL of the DETAILS? ... Yes!

Including what your new workspace looks like (kids at home? best time to connect?) so we can tailor our approach in helping you.

#TRUTH - now and always.

Do we think you need to stay the course (Plan A), be prepared to go virtual or even hybrid (Plan B) and/or consider postponing your event date (Plan C)? Helping good people plan great events may mean thinking through all three before making a recommendation but we're always truthful and transparent in those conversations and recommendations.

And guess what? We're still FUN to work with, even online.

Ask us about our core value flash cards.